Want your children to come out from behind the computer screen and struggle to find anything to tempt out them from their gaming dungeons? Well look no further! We have just the treat for your sons AND daughters; Challenge Academy Summer Camp- adventure, action and adrenaline in the beautiful surroundings of Baggeridge Country Park!

From 10am to 4pm for 3 days our highly trained instructors entertain and educate them whilst they meet new friends to last a lifetime. As well as giving our hugely popular 30ft high ropes experience a shot they’ll be taught bushcraft and survival skills by military experts, education professionals and our awesome outdoor instructors! We’ll give them plenty of challenging activities to keep their brains ticking over their big school break, climbing challenges and an exciting orienteering trail to develop map skills and teamwork!

The benefits of outdoor education are endless, proven by the institute of outdoor education to have a profound effect on the spiritual, sensory and aesthetic awareness of a child. They develop better ability to assert personal control and increased sensitivity to their well-being as well as the obvious benefit to their physical health.

We have a 2 climbing walls reaching 30ft tall which are suitable for everyone, we encourage all to challenge themselves to reach new heights with their confidence! Climbing works on plenty of muscle groups, both in the upper and lower body. The back, abdominal and leg muscles all get exercised as well as the fingers, shoulders and arms. Each of our routes are like an adrenaline pumped puzzle, requiring patience, planning and analysis and of course bravery to complete. Climbing has a noticeable effect on all our participants, as they are untied from the rope having gained a ton of self esteem after having pushed themselves further than they could’ve ever imagined!

We have hundreds of challenge activities at our fingertips with our unique and innovative Terrafirma box that’s brimming with fun and problem solving. Its core elements develop trust, co-operation, teamwork, decision making, leadership, respect, confidence, communication, and creative thinking. We’ll spend plenty of time with each group to really get to know each individual to asse ss the best activities to conduct.

Our bushcraft and survival activities have always been a Closer to the Edge hit! We will teach them valuable skills, from learning which plants can be foraged and how to make sturdy twig shelters
(just like Eeyore’s!) to having a go at starting a fire! If you’ve got big Bear Grylls fans or adventure lovers then they’ll love learning how to survive in the wild, we’ll set them up with valuable skills transferable into their adult life. When children learn they can handle themselves out in the wild
they begin to feel a strong sense of self reliance as they know that they can deal with adverse situations that others may not be able to.

Ever leaped onto swinging surfaces 30ft high?! Imagine their rush of adrenaline as they jump and balance within the treetops and their feeling of accomplishment as they finish on our knee shaking balance beam (no hands on the rope allowed!)! We offer something your children may have never attempted before and may be fearful of at first, this in turn offers a huge sense of achievement and confidence when they discover they are capable of overcoming our obstacles.

Our orienteering course is uniquely designed by education professionals to include problem solving and physical challenges. This fun and puzzling activity is loved by participants as it balances both physical and mental ability as well as learning how to work in a team. We teach them how to make their team functional and offer feedback on how well they managed the activity, leaving them with food for thought for the next day’s fun.

For just £65 per person for a 3 day day-camp this is perfect for any child or teen (8+) You can also join us for 1 day for £30 Per person (Same ages apply). We really believe in keeping their brains active to prepare them to go back to school so they’re in the right mindset to get the most out of their education. Children will take on so many new social and behavioural assets, this valuable
experience will be something that stays with them forever!

To book give us a call on 01384 429 866, then send them off with a packed lunch, waterproofs and a sense of adventure on any of the following dates;

  • 25-27 July
  • 1-3 August
  • 8-10 August
  • 15-17 August
  • 22-24 August
  • 29-31 August

Go for it!