Do I need to book in advance?

We always recommend booking in advance as our courses tend to get booked up during weekends and school holidays. You can check upcoming availability on our bookings page or by phone on 0845 880 2477.

Can I just turn up and have a go without pre-booking?

If we have space on the day we will take walk down admissions, but this is subject to availability and is on a first come first served basis – we would ask you to arrive 15-20 minutes before the session if you haven’t made a pre-booking with us – it’s always good to check same-day availability first on 0845 880 2477.

Do I get a discount for booking online?

Our online prices are already discounted; you will pay on average 20% more by just turning up on the day. We offer further discounts for groups – 4 or more and you will save 10% off the online prices, 8 or more is 15% off and 12 or more is a whopping 20% off. Group discounts are not available on our Party packages.

Amendments and Cancellations

Can I make a change to my booking?

To change the date, or increase the number of participants please call us 0845 880 2477 or write to us at . We will need a minimum of 48 hours notice to make amendments to your booking, and this is all subject to availability, so the earlier you can let us know, the better. This is different for school, college, & corporate groups – it is important that you call us.

Can I cancel my booking?

For all cancellations, or to reduce the number of participants, 14 days notice is required in order to receive a full refund.  Please call 0845 880 2477 or email us to notify us of this.  This is different for school, college, & corporate groups – it is important that you call us.

preparing for your visit

What time should I arrive?

We would advise all participants to arrive at least 10 minutes before their specified start time. Your Safety Briefing will start promptly at the beginning of your session.

What happens if I am late?

Unfortunately, we regret that once the Safety Brief has started we cannot accept any late-comers to the group. You will be required to transfer to the next available time-slot. We cannot issue refunds for late-comers.

What should I wear?

We advise to wear whatever you feel comfortable in along with sturdy footwear such as trainers or boots. Skirts, sandals and Crocs are not permitted. Always dress for the weather – during the winter months don’t forget your hat and gloves! Please bear in mind that you will be asked to wear a harness across the chest and top of the legs.

What should I bring?

Yourselves and your adventurous spirit! You can complete our consent forms prior to your arrival if you would prefer to save time on the day – Links to the consent forms are sent out in your booking confirmation email. We recommend to also bring a drink and/or refreshments with you.


What happens if it rains?

Closer to the Edge is an excellent all weather activity! The course remains open in all weathers, except in high winds or during lightning. Rain can make things a little muddier than usual – which adds to all the adventure. If we have to cancel your booking due to the above weather conditions, a member of staff will be in touch on the morning of your booking – we will ask you to let us know an alternative date and time to postpone your visit.

If you are unhappy to complete the course in the rain, we recommend that you can check the weather forecast and postpone your visit to us for an alternative date – we need a minimum of 48 hours notice for all amendments.

Does it matter if I’m unfit?

You do not need to be really fit to enjoy the ropes course and we will not force you to do anything you feel uncomfortable doing. We require participants to wear a harness which crosses the body and tops of the legs.

Is there a minimum age?

All of our courses have some activities for children as young as 5. There may be height or age restrictions on the higher/some elements of the course, you can check this by clicking on your desired location at the top of the page under ‘Venues’.

Will my group have exclusive use of the ropes course?

We can take up to 25 people on the ropes at one time so if there are only a few of you coming, your group may be joined by others.

Can I get a refund if I don’t complete the course?

We are unable to issue refunds once the Safety Briefing has been completed and when you have been kitted up in your harness. This is made clear on the consent forms and signs around the course.

Are cameras allowed?

Cameras are allowed – we advise that valuble belongings are left with spectators or in zipped pockets to avoid any accidents. Spectators are more than welcome to take photos and videos – send them to us at – we will publish the best ones on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Or even better, use one of our Helmet Cameras to record all of the action – these are £10 and you will be given the SD card to take home. Please call 0845 8802477 for availability on Helmet Cameras.

Can my family and friends come and watch me?

Spectators can watch participants from the ground – feel free to take photos and shout words of encouragement.

health and safety

Is it Safe?

All Closer to the Edge courses are equipped with modern, high-tech safety systems to ensure that participants are permanently clipped on throughout the Aerial Traverses, unlike many other companies. You will not need to ‘clip on’ and ‘clip off’ at any point throughout the obstacles and will be clipped on at the start and end of the activity by your Instructor. Your Instructor has been trained to the highest standards and has passed rigorous assessments throughout their training period before securing employment with Closer to the Edge. All staff are trained to the same standard as ERCA (European Ropes Course Assessment) and will ensure that you are safe during the course. The course is checked daily to the highest nationally recognised safety standards. A minimum of two First-Aid trained members of staff will be on site at any one time. They will ensure that you remain safe throughout and will be more than happy to reassure you if there is anything you are uncertain about when you are on the course. All Participants must wear a full body harness in accordance with the requirements and will be securely attached to the continuous belay system.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

We ask all of our participants to wear helmets for extra safety measures. However, we are able to make exceptions for those wearing religious headwear– please notify a member of staff during the safety briefing.

Can I take part if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Our staff are not medically qualified and so are not in a position to make decisions  on the capability of participants due to medical conditions. It remains your responsibility and judgment to decide whether your medical condition could cause implications in your ability to take part in the course. You will be required to sign a consent form at the beginning of any session. You may also wish to contact your doctor for further advice.

I have an injury since making my booking?

For health and safety reasons, all participants need to be weight bearing to complete the course and may be required to support their weight on their arms at times. Therefore, we regret that we cannot admit any participant onto the course who is in a plaster cast or has any part of their bodies strapped up due to an injury. We are happy to postpone your event within 48 hours notice of your event, or alternatively, if the injured participant would prefer a refund, we can do this upon receipt of a medical note. Refunds will only be given for the participant taking part for groups of 3 or more.