The Team

Closer To The Edge Staff: Mel


Company Director

Mel is a retired RAF Squadron Leader, qualified teacher and experienced talker. When not engaged in recounting war stories to younger members of staff he tries to run a business. Mel was a Parachute Jump Instructor in the RAF and, on retirement, he was banished to a shed at the bottom of his garden by family and friends. It is from these small beginnings that Mel started his international multi-award-winning business. On a serious note he knows a little bit about stuff and is always on hand to discuss schemes, courses and brilliant ideas! And staff often tell me I am a complete and utter control freak.

Closer To The Edge Staff: Greg


Educational Director

Greg has now been with us since 2007, shortly after the Company's first centenary celebrations (although he claims to be one of the founding members). Greg brings his 18 years teaching experience to our organisation and can often be found in a corner, making paper maché dinosaurs and contemplating his next 'creative writing lesson'. But seriously.....Greg is an exceptional facilitator and is responsible for the effective delivery of our educational programmes on all sites. He is currently working on in partnership with Telford Training Group.

Closer To The Edge Staff: Natalie


General Manager

Natalie was selected from over 551 applicants for the post and has quickly settled into the role. Natalie has a business degree from Southampton University and she has worked in the leisure industry since graduating. Previously with Bournemouth BH Live Leisure Trust and responsible for running their outdoor high ropes activity centre, she has now moved sticks to the more exclusive and cosmopolitan Stourbridge area.

Closer To The Edge Staff: Aaron


Manager Sandwell

Aaron was born and raised in the Church Stretton 'mountain range' in Shropshire so he is no stranger to heights. Having graduated with a degree in Criminology from Birmingham University, the next logical step for Aaron was to land this highly sought after job at Sandwell. Always smiling - he must enjoy his work with CTTE! He has now been with us since 2009 and is one of the most experienced member of our team. Aaron leads the team by example and (we think) that is a good thing.

Closer To The Edge Staff: Joe



Joe has been with Closer to the Edge since 2012. Joe is an excellent instructor and is a friendly face to all, having worked at all of our sites. His main interests are 'the Gym, climbing and being outdoors. Joe was born and raised in Tipton-on-Thames but this year he will be holidaying in Stoke-on-Trent.

Closer To The Edge Staff: Cassie


Operations Support

Cassie is normally the first point of contact for all of our customers. She has been with the company since 2012 so I guess that she must like her job. Although she looks like a diva - she is normally very pleasant and approachable and always on hand to advise so that our customer's events run to plan. If Cassie is not on Holiday (which is rare), she can be found under a mountain of sweet wrappers at her desk. Hobbies include answering phones and writing emails.

Closer To The Edge Staff: James



JC (predictable nickname we know!)has been with us since 2012, he first joined us as a modern apprentice and has now won the regional award for best apprentice in Europe for the last 4 years and spends many hours in limousines travelling from award ceremony to award ceremony. JC is excellent at getting the best out of the less confident and is highly valued by all. Main hobbies include climbing, skateboarding and motivational speaking.

Closer To The Edge Staff: Becky



Becky joined us in 2015 and is based at our Telford site and has become a real asset to our team! Becky is currently at college but always has time for Closer to the Edge!

Closer To The Edge Staff: Chris



Chris has been with the company since 2013 - he is apparently really clever and when not doing physics equations he enjoys making rocking chairs out of clothes pegs. You'll find Chris at our Sandwell site so if you need help with your homework he's your man! We like Chris - he always has a smile on his face and is a highly trusted member of the team.


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