Explore Markeaton Park

Located at Markeaton Park, a huge green space in the centre of Derby this is an impressive high ropes course with high and low aerial treks, zipwires, powerfan descender, climbs and some amazing team challenges.

There is something here for everyone – the serious adventurer and those who have never experienced the thrill of jumping, swinging and balancing at height. We provide a high level of supervision and all of the equipment to ensure that you are safe and that your experience is amazing.

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What Can you do?

CTTE provide many adventurous activities for everyone. From age 5+ to the full-on adrenalin junky. Our activities are guaranteed to set the heart racing and the knees shaking (but in a good way of course!) The course can handle large numbers for weekend and holiday public sessions and many more for group or party sessions (booked by phone and available any time of the week and weekend). If you are a member of the public then ‘Online Booking’ in advance is the best way, saving money and ensuring that you are booked on to the session.

There is a Low Traverse with different obstacles and challenges at 10ft off the ground – our safety rail means that participants are always clipped on as they climb, swing, crawl and balance. The "ropetopia' system also allows participants to pass each other - so no need to queue.

The High Traverse is 30ft off the ground, and 100m long – it uses a saferoller system meaning that participants do not need to unclip. You will need all of your skill to balance, zip, climb, swing and jump around the obstacles. There are 2 circuits on the high course. Master the easier one and then go for it...

An exhilarating Powerfan Descender is 30ft high - it really tests your nerve as you step off the platform. Your descent is slowed at the last minute - a real leap of faith! You get 2 goes at this one.

A 70 metre-long fast and steep Zipwire provides a fantastic finale to your experience. It starts at 35 feet above the ground - you are clipped in by an instructor and away you go...

The Climbing Wall is 35ft high – it has many routes and uses 2 auto-belay systems to ensure that climbers are always safe. The Derby Climbing wall is 'Real Rock' and has overhangs to test your skill - but other routes are easier so don't panic!

Our Team Climbing Challenges are great fun, very safe and get the group working together - 30' off the ground. Jacobs ladders, high all-aboards, crate stacks - all will get your attention. These challenges are used during our group sessions.

There are numerous team activities and challenges on the ground – and we can use these for schools, clubs, corporate groups, premium parties and for those who like to keep their feet firmly on 'Terra Firma'.

There are challenge trails and our own innovative orienteering courses, available to groups during our multi-activity days. Don't forget there is loads more on offer at the park.

Terra Firma is a product available for everyone - we will be running facilitator training courses for this product on location - please take the time to have a look at this innovative team development resource.

Who Can Do It?

There are numerous packages available to everyone…schools, corporate, individuals, groups,
families. High Ropes adventure is for all abilities and we pride ourselves on getting our
customers 'Closer to the Edge' in a fun and secure environment. Don't forget that a lot of our activity is ground-based, using our 'Terra Firma' team development activity.

  • There is no upper age limit and we want lots of grown-ups to take part - don't let the kids put you to shame! This is not just for them
  • If you are over 5 you can do the Zipwire, the low course, the climbs and the powerfan descender.
  • If you are 8 or over then you can do everything on the course.
  • There’s a weight limit of 19 stone for the powerfan and the high course - if you exceed this weight then don't let it stop you - we can repeat the other activities.
  • There is a weight limit of 18 stone for the zipwire - if you exceed this weight then don't let it stop you - we can repeat the other activities.

To make a business or school booking please call us on
0845 880 2477


We are open to the public from February half term to the end of October. During school holidays and weekends we have session times, please aim to arrive 10-15 mins before your desired session time.

Remember to book online, to save money and ensure your time slot. You can walk down on the day and take your chance, we will try our very best to look after your needs. We also offer discounts based on the amount of people attending. The more you bring the more you save.

For schools, clubs, corporate and party bookings we are open all year round. Please see the relevant pages to provide more detail about the event that is right for you.


Session 1 – 11.00
Session 2 – 12:30
Session 3 – 14:30
Session 4 – 16:00 (March – October subject to daylight hours)

Early Zone – 11:00 – 12:00. No pre-bookings for this & subject to availability on the day. Ideal if you are on a budget or want a taster session. Please arrive for an 11.00 start.

Packages + Pricing

Explorer – £8 Online Booking

Suitable for all abilities ages 5+.Your experience includes: Powerfan Descender (40ft Vertical Drop) and Climbing Wall (35ft High). The Explorer lasts for about 30 minutes, however this is all dependent on the confidence of the participant and how busy we are. The Zipwire can be added as an option at checkout!

Adventurer – £12 Online Booking

Suitable for all abilities ages 5+. The package includes: the Low Traverse (10ft) where you will negotiate loads of challenges high above the park floor, Powerfan Descender (40ft Vertical Drop), Climbing Wall (35ft high). The Adventurer can last up to 1 hour, however this is all dependent on the confidence of the participant and how busy the course is. The Zipwire can be added as an option at checkout!

Conqueror – £16 Online Booking

Suitable for all abilities ages 8+. The package includes: Low Traverse (10ft), High Traverse (30ft) where you will negotiate loads of challenges high above the park floor, Powerfan Descender (40ft Vertical Drop), Climbing Wall (35ft High). The Conqueror can last up to 1 hour and 15 minutes, however this is all dependent on the confidence of the participant and how busy the course is. The Zipwire can be added as an option at checkout!


If you want a party or something extra then have a look at our add-on packages. These are available at check-out. You can choose from the following:
- Party Bags at £2 per person
- Head Cam at £10
- Party Invites

Zipwire Add On £5

If you would like to upgrade to add the zipwire onto any our packages then tick the box to upgrade when booking.


Why Visit closer to the edge?

At Closer to the Edge we want to provide a meaningful and educational experience for you and your students all year round. We have a growing number of centres with excellent high ropes facilities (and lots more…) and our highly trained staff are dedicated to making your experience memorable and safe. Best of all is the price from £12 for a half day and £17.50 for a full day – we firmly believe that making this fantastic experience affordable for all is of huge importance. We can also handle up to 180 for a school multi-activity day. CTTE holds ‘Adventuremark’ and the ‘Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC)’ Quality Badge. These kite-marks are there to ensure the highest standards of safety and educational provision.

Our courses are designed to fit with your learning outcomes or outline objectives. We will help you with this, taking into account your group abilities and dynamics to create an experience which is educational, engaging, inclusive and above all…fun. We hold a bank of pre-prepared resources, made available online to clients once they have booked.  These include Risk Assessments, copies of our Insurance Certificates, Child-Protection Policy, Licenses and Quality Badges, all intended to inform and help minimise bureaucracy for the trip organiser.

Please click here to be redirected to our specific Educational page for more information and prices.

What we do

Our multi-activity days focus on challenge and fun, whilst learning and experiencing the importance of cooperation, communication and teamwork.

On a typical trip you can expect

Our multi-activity days focus on challenge and fun, whilst learning and experiencing the importance of cooperation, communication and teamwork.  The day includes:

  • High Ropes activity, appropriate to the age and ability of the group – our ‘Challenge by Choice’ philosophy means that we ensure that all are involved, even if they decide that height is not for them. We do not include the Zip Wire… it means too much queuing and that’s not good.
  • Ground-based team challenges – these can include problem-solving tasks, orienteering, puzzle trails… led by our instructors with the assistance of teachers when the groups are very large.

Clubs and Parties

Party Packages

Whatever the occasion, whatever your age, we have something for you! At Closer to the Edge we offer the most unique and exciting party package to ensure your get-together is an unforgettable one. Our parties are aimed at getting everyone involved and experiencing the sheer excitement of climbing, swinging, jumping, balancing and sliding together – we will deliver you with an experience to last a lifetime.

Bring a group of 5 or more and automatically save 10% at the checkout.
Bring a group of 10 or more and automatically save 15% at the checkout.
Bring a group of 15 or more and automatically save 25% at the checkout.

  • STEP 1. Choose your package – The Explorer, The Adventurer, or The Conqueror.
  • STEP 2. Go through our booking process by clicking ‘book now’, here you will choose your location, date and session time. All of our availability is live and up-to-date.
  • STEP 3. Select or de-select the Zipwire Add-on option.
  • STEP 4. Add some exciting stuff…
    – Party Bags are priced at £2 each and include a Party Invite (sent in advance), Closer to the Edge Keyring, Closer to the Edge Pen, Closer to the Edge Balloon, Closer to the Edge Notepad, Closer to the Edge Sticker and a Closer to the Edge Certificate. (Party Bags will be issued at the time of your event
    Party invites are sent in advance).-Individual Party Invitations are available to order in multiples of 5’s for £1 and will be sent 2nd Class Royal Mail.
    – Add a Helmet Camera to record all of your adventure for just £10 (subject to availability – one camera per session) you can even take the 8gb SD card home with you to upload your videos!

Food and Catering

Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities on site to offer food for our guests. We would suggest that you contact the catering facilities/ cafes at Markeaton Park to see what they can offer. Alternatively, there is an abundance of open green space and many benches, making it the perfect set up for picnics.

Fantastic party yesterday – thanks so much Natalie for the expert staff and the support they played, even getting the cautious children to do the activities – I particularly remember Joseph who needed to be helped round by the member of staff. He then realised what he’d achieved, big smiles – and went round to do it again! The support and care was second to none and I know a number of parents who’d not been before will be back, particularly because they were very impressed with the staff care. Kerry B

Climbing Climbing balancing

Corporate Packages

Corporate Packages

Please consider us to provide an exceptional team experience for your staff involving learning, challenge and laughter - you decide what takes priority!

Corporate days include choice of: Woodland Challenge, Team Development and Aerial Ropes Adventure challenges. Don’t forget we also do food!

Package 1

£20pp + vat For this we provide a 1 hour 30 min experience on the High Ropes course. This includes – Low and High Traverse, Zip Wire, Fan Descender and High Climbs. Minimum number of 10..

Package 2

£30pp + vat Should you want to do something more, then package 2 is well worth the extra. For this you do 2hrs and 30 minutes and get much more in terms of the Team Challenges, enabling your people to do some of that ‘bonding’ that is so important. Minimum number of 8

Full Day

If you would like a full day event then we recommend that you look at our Baggeridge site.  At this venue we specialise in specific outcome events.

Please click here to be redirected to our Baggeridge venue page.

How to find us

  • 0845 880 2477
  • Closer to the Edge Head Office
  • (Mon - Fri: 08:30 - 17:00)
Mundy Play Centre
Markeaton Park
DE22 4NH (for car park)